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Chick image above to read about Richard Roundtree's battle with cancer.
See how Shaft saved Chistmas.
What are the connections between Shaft and Jesse "the body" Ventura?

A friend pointed this article to me. It appeared in the USA Today on Dec 16, 1999.

These are from "Shaft: Cop Killer." Yeah, I know you don't remember it, I don't either. It's from that short lived Shaft TV miniseries. I recently saw "Shaft: Murder Machine" and man was it horrible. The TV format destroyed any promise this series had. It was so watered down it was hard to watch.
cop killer 1
cop killer 2
cop killer 3
cop killer 4
cop killer 5

Richard Roundtree from other roles.

not shaft 1
not shaft 2
not shaft 3
not shaft 4
not shaft 5
not shaft 6
not shaft 7
not shaft 8
not shaft 9
not shaft 10
not shaft 11
not shaft 12

This are some "Shaft" novels from the 70's that I recently stumbled upon. I've never read any of them, but if any of you have e-mail me and let me know if any of them were any good.

origional front
origional back
Shaft's Big Score front
Shaft's Big Score back
Shaft Has a Ball front
Shaft Has a Ball back
Carnival of Killers front
Carnival of Killers back
Among the Jews front
Among the Jews back
The Last Shaft front
The Last Shaft back

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