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Ok, we all know that Leo is not match for our man Shaft. Thats how it was planned in the origional, Shaft as the hero. However James Cameron was jealous of Shaft's animal magnitism, so he booted him. He could manipulate little gay Leo easily. These were some of shots from the lost "Shaft sceens."
Shaftanic 1
Shaftanic 2
Shaftanic 10
Shaftanic 5
Shaftanic 7
Shaftanic 8
Shaftanic 9
Shaftanic 4
Shaftanic 3
Shaftanic 6

John Singleton Remakes Shaftanic!

This remake of the Shaftanic was a controversy from the day it went into production. Would it be able to recapture the beauty and Shaftosity of the original? Opinions are varied but the critics agree that Shaftanic 2000 is a masterpiece.

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