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What is the universe?

The universe is the creator and the destroyer, the ebb and flow, the ying and yang. It is unseeable, yet we see it in everything. It has not consciousness, yet it has created all. The universe in infinite, it was not created, it will not be destroyed, it has no boundaries at all. No start or finish, it just is, and will always be. All that we see draws from this Is. It is the limitless feul that all life draw from.
What is religion? Religion is mans attempt to put finite terms to the infinite universe. We feel the need to put a face, name, and date on creation. We want a beginning and end, a way to understand the universe in ways that relate to us. But religion and time are only concepts that has meaning to things that have a beginning and an end, like human life. We created the idea of religion and time to make the universe a little more understandable.
Some claim to be liberated by science. They reject traditional religion and proclaim: "Physics is my God!" But these people are just as short sighted as those who believe in religions. They want to put limits to the universe, to quantify and understand it. But the universe is not your puppet. STOPPED REVISING HERE Who says that the laws of physics have to rule over everything. Maybe all those rules only apply to our part of this universe. It could be true, but you can not claim to have the universe completely understood. It goes forever, it is boundless, and no one can say "I understand it." Not even your author. No one can.

Then where is my place?
Well, in the grand scheme you don't have one. You won't have any cosmic affect, it's impossible. However, that doesn't mean that there is nothing here on earth. That is what motivates humans, to find a place on earth and to try to pass on a piece of you. All this is very existential in nature. People want to be effective, they want to feel like their actions mean something. Life is fight to assert yourself, to make a mark for eternity (or so we like to think). People must constantly fight against death, to make a mark before it's too late. Self-efficacy is the key to this. If you feel like your actions matter than you can achieve a level of happiness and contentment. It leads to self-esteem and self-confidence. On the other hand poor self-efficacy leads to depression and despair. Your actions mean nothing, therefore you will have no place in eternity. For more on this you can study the work of Albert Bandura, who first developed the concept of self-efficacy. There are many aspects of psychology, which I won't go into. There is just too much. But I believe that basic motivation comes from what is written above. I'll hope to add more to this section eventually.

So are you an anarchist?
No, not at all. We may not have a place in eternity, but that doesn't mean we can't have some order on earth. I'm at heart a liberal (some would say socialistic), but a Darwinistic one. These are conflicting statement, and indeed they inherently contradict each other. So how do I reconcile them? Well, I believe that if you are a hard worker then you have the right to the helping hand of the state. If your company gets downsized that's not your fault, just capitalists trying to make the most profit. As long as a person is trying to be productive (trying to assert themselves in eternity) then you shouldn't be treated wrongly for that. However, there is an ever-present social leach. I hate this person. The criminal, the bum, those masses who feel it is someone else's job to create their success. The Singaporean justice system doesn't tolerate the detritus of society. There aren't any drug dealers in Singapore. Why? Because drugs = death. No exceptions. Wonderful simplicity. People aren't afraid to walk the streets in Sigapore, because they know the government doesn't tolerate criminality. But most shout "You're giving up your freedom!" Hell yeah, you are...your freedom to become a criminal. However, alas this last part should never be put into place. Because it's a very easily corruptible system, it promotes despotism. Nazism is the cruel example of this system at its worst. And it is because of this that it can never be allowed to be put in place. Even the Singaporean system should be ended, it's too dangerous. So I'll be content with the liberal aspect. The benevolent hand of government is all I ever hope to see.

What can I take our of your ideas?
Just remember. The universe can't be truly explained. Finite beings can't understand the infinite. Just try to be the best you can be. Be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. What else is there really? But above all else....
Carpe Diem!
Before it's too late.

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