Wow have I been busy this past week. I'm so glad it's over. I had a paper due for Research Methods that turned out taking much longer than I had expected. I was so scared of this paper. I was using APA style for the first time and working with a partner for the first time. I was so afraid of letting my partner down. She's smart, creative, and inquisitive (and a very cool person to boot), basically everything I would like to be but am not. I didn't want her to have to drag me along. Maybe I was just intimidated, maybe it was something else. We ended up arguing about little details of wording and such. I think that's why it took us sooooo long. On top of that I had to read 290 pages of this book for a recitation on Thursday. So we'd work on the paper then I'd read for hours on end. Sleep? Nope. I was going crazy. Now it's all done but I'm not even finished my work from last week so I've got a ton of catch up work to do. So I went to Justin's, watched wrestling, and got a little Southern comfort. It was nice to have a couple of hours to just sit back, let all the worries go, and have a good time. We also have an ultimate tournament this weekend at Duquesne. That will be fun, I'm just worried about the friction between En Sabah Nur (my team) and Burning Sensation. There are a lot of guys that don't like each other on those teams. I just hope it doesn't turn into some kind of grudge match. We're all basically Pitt students and will be playing together in the spring college season. If we can't learn to work together as a team we're doomed. People need to put their ego's aside and remember why they play in the first place (for the fun dummy!). Well, this just a short update. I've got to go to class.

It has been a long time since I added a new entry into the journal. I haven't written all summer. It just took so long to type up that SAS journal that I think I got burnt out. Hopefully I can make weekly updates to the journal but I don't know, I've started to dislike the idea of a journal. I can never make it that personal just because I know that friends and family members could always log on and check out what I am thinking. There is no anonymity to it. It's just become a drag. In fact I may be changing the whole ShaftLand look. I'm considering changing it to an all Shaft format. I might have a better chance of getting listed on Yahoo and the like if I just have one topic. The real question is what do I do with all the rest of the stuff on this page. What I think is the best way to go is to take out the photographs, poems, and SAS journal and make a straight up personal page. No one would really want to go to it but that's fine with me. Then I can take the personal journal, change the file names, and hide it from everyone. Ah, but that would all take time and I am very busy. I'll ask around and see what people think. I've just become bored my sites the way they are. I've been pleasantly surprised how my SAS page has been going. I've had over 3000 hits in the 4 months it's been up. That's more than I had hoped. ShaftLand isn't even to 1500 and it's been up for 11 months. I owe almost all of it to www.realworldblows.com They have made the majority of the hits I receive. Much as I don't want my site to be about Road Rules that seems to be the major reason people go there. Oh well, I think I'll stop now. I do want to get some sleep before my Modern Latin America exam tomorrow. I'll give an update on my classes and summer next time.

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