I know I shouldnít do it.
Itís bad for me.
What are you talking about?
But Iíve been doing in since...
Been doing what?
When did I start?
Youíve been doing what, since when?
Early teens. My mother started me on it.
Your mother?
And now itís probably, well, Iíve been doing it all my life.
What did she start you on, give me a hint.
Itís probably destroyed my brain by now.
What is this some narcotic?
ProbablyÖ My insides are all rotted away.
What are you talking about?
After all itís been every day, many times every day.
Whatís been every day?
And sometimes at night. Even you knowÖ

I know they tried to wean me withÖ
Oh you poor thing. You poor thing.
With what? Decaf?
And I like that too, but itís the real stuff.
What are you talking about? Are you talking about coffee?
ÖItís the real stuffÖ
Youíre talking about coffee?
Iíve got several pots boiling out there right now.
Youíre talking about coffee?
I donít even need cream or sugar.
Coffee wonít hurt you, it wonít hurt you.
Black. Iíll take it black.
It wonít hurt you. Are you crazy? Coffee wonít hurt you, look what itís done for me.
What would I do without it?
I know, Iíll have a cup too. I like cream and sugar in mine though.
Eighty cups a day.
Oh thatís nothing, I have more than that.
Eighty or more!
More than eighty. Much more than eightyÖ