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So what is The John Shaft Empire?
We are a low tech organization sponsored by The ShaftLand Action Committee. The Empire is designed to correct the failure of other major banner exchanges.

Why is The Empire better?
How do you know where your banner is being shown? How often does it get shown? We are a collective designed to overcome these problems. The John Shaft Empire does not rotate banners, once you are here you are here to stay! Everyone can view your banner and a short description any time.

Yes we know we are upstarts.
But that doesn't have to be the case. When you sign up we will send you some html code to display on your page. All of those involved with the Empire will have the same code. When someone clicks "View Banners" your site, along will all other members, will be shown. With any luck your page will be one that is visited! Hopefully The John Shaft Empire gain more and more members thus increasing the chance that people view your site. So tell others that you know to join The Empire!

Ok, so how do I join?
It's simple. Just fill out the form below. We will theb add your banner and send you the html code to add to your page. You have to add this code or the whole concept of the Empire will fail. If no one ever put up the code then no one would ever know you are a member. We have got to work together on this.

Your Name
Your E-mail
The name of your page
The address of your page
The address of your banner
A breif discription of your page

Or you can send this information manually to The ShaftLand Imperial Council.

We are eager to get you as a memeber so sign up now!

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