I finally got the polls straight. It took a while but it's done. I haven't been working much this week. Most of the time I've been waiting to hear if my passport is coming. They said Thursday but I've been keeping my ears open. It's giving me a nervous twitch in my eye. I'm getting more nervous every day. I feel like I'm going to be swallowed by a huge animal. Went bowling tonight. I did fairly well, I'm finally getting my adverage back to where I want it. I had one game with only one open frame, yet I only got a 192. I'm not complaining, that's the highest I've ever gotten but I just couldn't get in a grove. We bowled 7 games which is good for us. The family is all coming up this weekend. That should be cool, I always like seeing everyone. I'm also going to Burks this weekend to watch the WWF's pay-per-view. I've also been perparing for ShaftLand to go into hibernation. I wonder how many hits I'll have when I get back. Hopefully a lot, I signed up for Yahoo again. Maybe the eight time's the charm. If I could get on there I would be set. Well, this is surprisingly short for a final message for a while. I'm nervous but I know it will go fine, I have confidence in myself. Here I go, around the world. This section isn't finished, I'll be keeping a journal while I'm away and posting it here once I'm home. Check back after June 10th.

For anyone that has tried to use the polls recently I don't think that the Remake one is working. I set it up the third, and when I checked it on the forth it said it had 344 hits. There is no way that could have happened. The system only said that it had recieved 30 hits. So how did it get so high? I tried to make a new poll exactly like the other but the same thing happened. I'm playing around with it in an attempt to fix it. I reset the counter, so if you already voted you won't be able to vote again. I may try to do some more things with it so don't be surprised if it gets changed around. I like the concept that's why I'm keeping it. I would like to know what Shaftaholics think about a remake. Oh well, I don't know. Man yesterday was horrible. I had to work from 1100 to 1900. Nothing special, just a normal shift. So I go home, get a quick something to eat, and go to the bowling alley. We bowled for two hours then I went home. When I get home there is a note that work called. I call them back and find out that they want me to work from 0000 to 0800. And what do you think I said? I said yes! What was I thinking?!? I was going to have to spend almost 24 hours awake. I almost called them back to change my mind, but I didn't. Acually I was really surprised how easy it was. Nothing was really going on, it was really nice. I did my tour for two hours, ate lunch and sat at the desk for a couple, then when from the dog box from about 0430 to 0800. That dog box was funny. I remember signing in some trucks but all I really remembering is looking at the clock. I looked and it was 4:45, so I leaned my head back closed my eyes, and when I looked at the clock again it was 5:50! Ooops, looks like I took a little nap. I was talking to some people about it today and they were quick to point out that I had gotten 10 bucks for sleeping at work. I had to laugh. I've got a good job. I'm just angry that I haven't gotten my paycheck yet. They should have gotten mailed on Monday but I still haven't gotten it yet. I'm going to call tomorrow and harass them about it. I also got my foreign currency today for the countries that I'm going to. It was a ripoff but what else could you do. If they were regular countries it wouldn't be a problem. But where to you get money from Kenya? No one has any from non-western countries. Well, I've got to go to sleep it's getting hard to type.

Man do I want to get out of here. I am so tired of being home with nothing to do. With everyone gone it seems like a waste to be here. All I do is work and go home. It sucks! I want to be back at school, at least there are things to do. I even like taking classes. Two more weeks and I'm out of here, and it won't be soon enough. I'd like to write more but nothing is going down!

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