The Extremoman Tribute

Well today was an all around suck fest. The Super Bowl sucked, I can't believe the opportunities Atlanta wasted. I sat through the whole thing but it was hard. I wasn't really impressed with many of the comersials. The WWF one was the best with the Bud Frogs as number two. All the rest were poor. Another thing I though was poor was Halftime Heat. It could have been such a cooler match. Without a crowd it just seemed lame. I would have generally loved to see the Rock and Mankind but tonight it was dumb. I thought Stone Cold would come out but that never happened either, how disappointing. The Family Guy and even the Simpsons were bad. There was one funny part in the Family Guy that was when the Cool-Aid man burst through the court. I did laugh at that. But overall the weekend was cool, a friend of mine was home from school. We played pool a couple of times but we didn't get to go bowling. It was cool having someone around for a change. The auditers are gone from work, thank god. I almost had to laugh one day when they were in the office. The way my boss flat out lied to them was funny yet disturbing. It overall just mad me angry. Well, I'd like to write more but I've got to take a dump.

Man has worked sucked the last couple of days. We are such a bunch of frauds. The auditors are in, so for the next couple of weeks we will have to be doing things the right way. I've been finding out things I never knew we should be doing before. We never have a gaurd in the other docks, but now we do. So I spent my whole morning sitting on the dock, two trucks came in in over three hours. It was so freaking boring I couldn't believe it. I did the same thing on Monday. Who knows what stupid job they will have me doing tomorrow. I wish the auditors would just leave so that we could go back to ignoring the law and cutting corners. Either do it right all the time or don't do it at all. One more thing . . . ShaftLand is now boycotting one of our links. At this point we will not make that site public. We are protesting their laziness. We may soon be boycotting a second site, time will tell on that one. If we take action it will more than likely be Wednesday night or Thursday. We'll see

Well, I can't lie and say that I've been doing a whole lot of stuff. Just working more or less. Bowling on Wednesday, Scouts on Thursday, but that's about it. No one is home. I did go skiing this weekend so that was cool. The only thing that sucked was that it was so hot out. The temperatures were up in the 50's all day. So all there was was ice and slush, which didn't turn out to be all that bad. It was bumby but you could slow yourself down. As long as you didn't get cought in a rut you were fine. What really sucked was that it was extremely foggy. You couldn't see where you were going at all. If you were standing at the top of a drop you couldn't see the bottom. It was very bad especially with my glasses. I was almost totally whited out. I would wipe off my glasses at the top but by the time you got down they were covered. This made the jumps really bad. You would be going down and you would know that a jump was coming up but you couldn't see it at all. We were getting some good air. It was hard to land in the slush but I didn't fall all that much. But because it was slush just falling one time ment that you were soaked. I wasn't getting mad air but it was ok for me. I had never done anything like that before. No really bad falls, but my butt and knee are a little sore. My one friend just tucked all the way down and flew off of the last jump. He got so high up in the air everyone's mouths dropped open. But he couldn't land it and I heard the fall was almost as cool as the air. One guy fell into the trees, that was cool. We were going down this one trail and there is this guy standing there taking a leak in the middle of the trail. We were cracking up. We drove back that night but I don't know if that was the best idea. It was incredibly foggy, we could barely see the road. At one point we were driving on the wrong side of the road, that wasn't cool. But we made it home fine even though we were dead tired. And most importantly . . . We didn't break our legs!

Stupid Jets. 6 turnovers, 15 yards rushing!?! That's not going to cut it in Denver. 10 nothing a half! Rrrrrrrrrah! At least Atlanta won, I hate the Vikings. I hate that toss it up to Moss style. The way refs call penalties you'll get something out of it over half the time. I also can't stand Randall Cunningham. Everyone's saying he a new QB, he's so changed. Wrong! He's still the same choaker that he was in Philadelphia. Cunningham will never win a big game. It doesn't matter how hard he thumps the Bible, he will crack under pressure every time. So it's Atlanta all the way. So what else is going on... I worked 14 hours on Friday. That sucked! I was already on for 10.5, so they called me at the plant I was working in and said they wanted me until 7pm. 5am to 7pm, man that is not something you want to do. And what was really bad was that I won't get any overtime for that. Turned out to be 39.5 hours for the week. I only get schedualed for two days but I usually have gotten called in the rest. It sucks not knowing if you're coming in or not. You're never sure when to go to sleep. My sister is going back to school today. This is the first tme I have seen where she goes. I woke up around 5:30 this morning with a pounding headache. I thought I was going to puke. Man I hate ones like that. Well, I'm tired.

Today certainly was a strange day. I'm in the security office doing my normal crap. I hear this knock at the door and there is this guy standing there with a fat, bloody lip. He said he would like a gaurd to walk him to his car if we had an extra one. We didn't but something wasn't right. So I got one of my bosses from the back. I thought that maybe this guy had slipped in the parking lot and fallen, but that was not the case. So my boss and this guy start to walk down the hallway to this guys car. I had to keep the camera on him. So he is able to get what the problem was. This guy was the boyfriend of one of the employees. She and her husband were seperated, and evidently he didn't much like it that she was seeing this other guy. So the husband assulted the boyfriend in the parking lot. Well we thought that might have been it, we were wrong. He was circling the parking lot looking for them to come out. The worst part about this is that sometime before this guy had threatened to come here and kill himself and their children. We could see from the cameras that he had two kids in the truck with him. I had to keep the camera on him as he drove around and around. We called the cops but as they came in he was leaving from another exit. They were not able to follow him but we had been able to get a good close-up of his face and his licence plate as well. We didn't hear any more after that. The cops talked to the woman and the boyfriend then left. I'll be checking the police report for the next couple of days to see if they got him. Not exactly what you want to have happen at work. I just don't see why he had to bring the children involved. Of all things you don't want to do that is it. People suck.

Michael Jordan is the greatest sports icon of our lifetime. In history only Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali compare to Jordan. He is one of those guys that your grandchildren ask if he was really as good as the stories say. He was and more. I have never seen an atlete do anything better. Jordan was absolutely unbelievable. Every time he touched the basketball your mouth would just drop open. Everything he touched turned to gold. I will always remember seeing that shot against the Lakers where he drove the lane, had it in his right, switched it to his left, and made the shot. Everyone agreed that that was the most incredible thing they had ever seen. People will be talking about Michael Jordan for the rest of our lives and long after we are all dead. He was the man who could do it all. He had no boundries, no limits. When he stepped on the court the world was in awe. We are all lucky to have been able to witness this incredible man. Basketball will never be the same.

First some current events: I got my shots for the Semester at Sea. Yellow fever, Hepitatus A, and Malaria medication. I had to pay to park and I got really worried. I only had one dollar, if it was more then that I was in trouble. Well, I was OK. But by then it had started snowing. The snow wasn't too bad, driving was a bit hard but it rained later so it wasn't horrible. Now its back to the normal friged conditions. The rain leads me in to the main story Extremoman's Incredibly Crappy Experience! We were going skiing and because of the rain it was very icy. Now I don't know if that contributed to Extremoman's plight but it added to mind. I didn't really hurt myself though I fell more then I had wanted. It was like your skiies just flew out from under you if you hit an ice patch. My hip and elbo are brused, that's the limit of my damage. I was going over a jump (I had gone over a cupple of times already) and I was going as fast as I could. This was evidently a bit too fast because I lost my balance in the air and fell. Man it was like falling on a rock, that's how icy it was. But now I get back to Extremoman (I have not gotten his report however). There was an ungroomed blue square with huge mogals (and icy too). There was a fork in the trail and you could go over the mogals or go down an easier black diamond. We discussed it a bit, I was a little afraid but I knew I could handle it. Extremoman didn't really want to do it but when the rest of us started down he desided to follow. I fell, it was very hard with the ice. I got to the end where there was another fork in the trail. I waited at the fork for Extremo and another guy. Well I waited and I waited and no one came. I was getting cold so I took off, I figured one of them had a yard sale and was busy picking his stuff up. So we ski for a while then deside to go eat. I'm sitting at the table when one of my friends heard from one of the spankers in the groop that Extremoman had broken his leg! We all said, "Man that sucks!" then laughed. Some of the funnier lines were "Whoa, that sucked. Boy this is a good sandwich!" and "I'd go see him but, damn, I'm hungry!" There were many "what a dumbass" quotes too. So we desided we better go see him. We heard that he was at the bottom of the mountain so we skiied down. The guy down there said that it might not be broken and that they took him back to the lodge. So we went back but the people at the health suite said they took him away to a hospital. After a collective "Damn!" we went back to skiing. Later on during the day however we saw the other guy that had been there when he broke it. He said they had both fallen and had gotten back up. The last thing he saw was Extremoman rocketing out of control over a huge mogal. After he got there Extremo just said, "I think I broke my leg." No whining or crying, I admire that So tonight I learned that he broke his tibula. He opted for sugury (putting a pin in) over a traditional cast. He'll live but will have to sustain much mocking from all of us. All I can said is ouch, it must have hurt like a @#%!*. I've gotten hurt before but never like that. Overall it was a respectable injury, huge mogals and all. It can be something he isn't ashamed to tell his friends when they ask what happened. I trying to call him but he wasn't home. When I get the rest of the story I'll fill you in. Oh, and if anyone has ever taken Acidophilus before e-mail me and let me know how it worked.

Ok, I just wrote this and got it all deleted because "Tripod is experiences a glitch." Oh boy, that really makes me mad. Of course I should have hit copy before I tryied to save it. This has happened to me before. My grades came yesterday... 4.0 baby! I've never gotten a 4.0 before. And I had no idea that I would be getting that either. Before the finals in Statistics and Western Civ II I thought that I had around an 85% or maybe a little better. Either I ripped up the finals or the teachers curved the grades. Neither one of them said they would curve but maybe that was just ment to scare us into doing better. Oh well, I don't care it's still a 4.0 either way. I got all A's last semester but because one was an A- I got a 3.95. Man, I hope I can keep this up. It's going to be hard next semester on the Semester at Sea. I want to do well but I'm never going to be able to do this again so I better make the most of it. Even if I don't do too well I have a 3.87 QPA, it shouldn't be dropped that far. I'm getting nervous about this SAS thing. I don't know if I'm doing anything right. We are totally flying blind. Oh well, you just have to do it. After this week things are going to get really boring. Everyone I know is leaving this weekend, so I'm going to be by myself for a month. Bla. But I should be able to go skiing this weekend. I haven't gone in two years, I hope I don't look like a retard. Last time I went was Killington in Vermont, that was awsome. If you ever go do the fusion runs through the trees, it will be the most fun you have all day. Ok, I've got to close. 4.0, OH YEAH!!!

1999, wow doesn't it just sound cool? It sounds like we are on the verge of something great. Maybe we are, maybe we aren't, and maybe it's just Prince who made it cool to begin with. 1998 was cool. I made some real friends at school, signed up for Semester At Sea, got my job, got laid off, got re-hired, the infamous deletion of ShaftLand and its triumpant return, finished my Freshman year, learned new things, and met new people. Not to mention the crazy stuff that happened: Ken Starr, Monica Lewinski, and the Clinton impeachment, bombing Iraq again, McGwire's 70 home runs, Jesse the Body's election, the new VW Beetle, the US Embassy bombings by bin Laden, the Titanic, John Glenn in space again, all those kids killing their teachers, and the deaths of Buffalo Bob, Frank Sinatra, Dr Spock, Lloyd Bridges, James Earl Ray, Pol Pot, Phil Hartman, and Flip Wilson. Lots of wack stuff, and you better believe there will be more. Here are some of my predictions for 1999:
Saddam Hussien will still be the dictator of Iraq
Bill Clinton will still be the President (and a sex machine)
Y2K will still not bother me
John Glenn will still be old
Expect some real nutballs (like David Koresh) to give us hell
At least one former President will die
The Dodgers will not will the World Series
The J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets will win the Super Bowl
The Eagles will go 5-11
We will have a new Pope
A movie will break the Titanic's box office total
My boss will still be a jerk
Prince Charles will become King
One prediction that relates to me (it's a secret)
ExtremeBS will still be a crappy site
The sky will be blue
The grass will be green
And John Shaft will still be the man!
Now for the 1998 ShaftLand "Website Awards"!
*Most Origional - Extremoman's Incredible Experience
*Torch Bearer - ShaftLand
*Best but least developed ideas - ExtremeBS
*Least potential for 99 - ExtremeBS
*Most potential for 99 - ExOsophy On-Line
*Most on topic - ShaftLand
*Most outside hits - ShaftLand
*Most advertised - ExOsophy On-Line
*Most projected outside hits for 99 - ExOsophy On-Line
*Most improved - Extremoman's Incredible Experience
*Best looking - ShaftLand
*Laziest Webmaster - Mark "the Kenny man" Faulkner
*Most Inovative Webmaster - Mike "the blade" Brandt
*Most missed site - Extremoman's Incredible Experience
*Lamest site of 1998 - ExtremeBS
*Best site of 1998 - ShaftLand
Yes you were cool 1998, but get lost! 1999 is looking to be much better! So viva la ShaftLand! And Carpe Diem!

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