natal chart

Planets in Signs

The Sun in Signs

Every chart reading should begin with the Sun as the primary focus of astrology. The Sun's position in the zodiac is very important, and most agree it deserves first consideration. It's the core of the individual; the overriding nature and will. This is the influence that describes the "you" that is trying to be in this lifetime. This is your "awake" side, your consciousness and outer-directed individuality. Thus, the Sun is the most important single indicator, fueling the total personality. The nature of your Sun sign is your true colors that you display to the world day in and day out.

Sun in Cancer:

The Sun is in this forth sign of the zodiac from 22 June until 22 July each year. The symbol for Cancer is the Crab, with its protective shell. People with this sign are sometimes also called "Moon Children," because the moon is the ruler of the sign. In Cancer the Sun is receptive and moody. You are a very sensitive person who is easily influenced by your environment. You are likely to be exceedingly protective of your feelings, as well as the feelings of those to whom you are close. Emotions are strong in your nature. You approach life with many feelings and a strong nurturing tendency. Your moods are varied and changeable. They are synchronized to the Moon, flowing in and out like the tide. You are acutely aware of the atmosphere of feelings surrounding you. You're skeptical and distrustful of people. It's not what they say, but simply the way they say it and the way you interpret their meaning. You need to tell your deepest thoughts. When those around you are not receptive, you can become quite difficult to reach. The "crabby" part of Cancer shows up once in awhile, as well. When these moods are in control of your behavior, you can snap someone's head off for no reason at all. People you live around have to learn that you are not really angry with them. This is just the way Moon children are sometimes. By nature you are quite and somewhat reserved, frequently retreating or putting up a protective barrier when you feel in any way threatened. You are attuned to the past. You tend to cling to reminders and memorabilia of your family and of earlier times. Many Cancers are attracted to collecting antiques. You may be one of those people who collects just about everything. It's hard for you to part with something when there may be a chance need some rainy day, no matter how remote that chance may be. Cancers are the original "pack-rats." You place much importance on the home and family. Your family or your "family of friends" is the center of your life. They provide you your sense of security and belonging. Your role in this environment is the source of your self-esteem and often overshadows your sense of individuality. It's hard to break away from your early upbringing and depart from the family traditions you have experienced. Cancer is the sign of motherhood. In both sexes, it produces a parenting instinct that is caring, protective, and indulging. Even unmarried Cancers adopt friends, co-workers, and neighbors in an extended family situation. Hardworking and dedicated, you make an excellent employee. You are loyal and respect authority. This makes you supportive and protective of the boss and rarely questioning company policy. You do find it very difficult to handle change and disruption. If you are the boss, you like your employees to be dedicated as you are. Unfortunately, sometimes you may surround yourself with "yes men" who simply reinforce your decisions. You don't take chances or risk sweeping change. Money is very important to you. Not for what it will buy or for the freedom it provides, but for the sense of security it provides. No matter what else is to be said of Cancer, security and having the protective shell in place, is overriding.

Moon in Signs

The Moon's position in your chart is almost as important as the Sun, but the influence is different. The moon is your emotional life. It relates to immediate emotional responses. It's those reactions instilled by conditioning; the memory and learned habit patterns. The influence of the Moon is more subtle, for it relates to personality beneath the surface; your feelings and your subconscious self. It shows how you react to those around you based on the sum of your conditioned viewpoint and unguarded self-projection. Often, the Moon's place in the chart shows a considerably different side of the nature, a side fostered by emotions, upbringing, and habit patterns that have developed over time.

Moon in Cancer:

A Cancer Moon gives a strong drive for recognition and acceptance. You are highly sensitive and creative, if somewhat given to brooding and moodiness. You rarely go out of your way to garner new information, but once something sinks into your mind, it is indelibly impressed upon it. Everything that you experience is held in feeling memory. You let you heart rule your head, and you can have trouble making rational, detached decisions. Yet your intuition is quite keen, and you would be smart to rely on it. You have an almost psychic ability to "tune in" to what other people are thinking and feeling. By nature, you're suspicious and distrusting, although, surprisingly, you tend to almost naively trust your own feelings and gut hunches. The Cancer influence is often far too sensitive to surroundings. This over-sensitive nature can be a positive or a negative; on the positive side, you are no doubt very intuitive; on the negative side, you are moody and subject to emotional upsets. This thin-skinned attitude toward outside influences causes you to pick up negative vibrations from others. You are frequently moody and prone to having problems in personal relationships. Often, Cancer Moon people wear their heart on their sleeve, but like so many of them, you may have a habit of hiding your true feelings and strong emotions under a rather hard shell. You have an especially strong love of home and family, and you staunchly protect you personal security. In Cancer, the emotions reflected by the Moon are sensitive to matters that affect people as a whole, the "universal parent." Towards loved ones, you are gentle, peaceful, and romantic. You have a nurturing attitude toward your family and to those you consider under you very broad protective "wing." Security is of primary importance to you, but often you feel like lacks of comfort of inherent stability. Things that offer sense of protection become very important: money, material belongings, family, home, country, and traditions, may all be included in this. Change, risk-taking, relocating, and opinions differing from your own are things that pose a challenge to your security, and are usually rejected accordingly. You have a great deal of apprehension regarding matters outside of your own personal control.

A Cancer Sun/Moon combo:

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign, a double dose of Cancer, intensifies the natural traits of the sign and produces an added depth of feelings. You are an extremely emotional and timid person. There is an aloofness about you nature, as though you were waiting in the background for someone to make the first move to establish a relationship. Since most people are caught up in their own problems and often fail to understand this nature, you may feel that you are being ignored and snubbed. It's hard for you to come you of yourself and meet people halfway. It's not that you are self-centered, but you may give the impression that you are by not coming across positively. You are so self-protective and seem to have a shell that you crawl into periodically, or even permanently, as a defense against the intrusions of the world. You are touchy with a keen sense of injury and hurt at real or imagined offenses. You can be very suspicious of people and their motives that can make you unapproachable to many. It takes a long time for someone to win your confidence. Though you are extremely domestic and a very protective parent, you're not likely to marry early and your basic nature can make it hard to achieve a stable and concrete relationship. But when you finally put aside this self-protective shell, you are exceptionally warm and genial, a true old-fashioned romantic. You have a deep sense and sympathy and need for the same. A clever diplomat, your style is to work around an issue, rarely becoming confrontational and direct.

Mercury in Signs

Mercury's sign describes your thought processes and projection. It's closely associated with its natural home, the third house of learning and communication. Mercury relates to your general intellectual orientation, and the expression of your thoughts and ideas. In other words, it describes the way you think and communicate, and the way you get information. Mercury also shows how you like to travel through life. Are you speedster who takes the most direct route, or do you amble and get side-tracked sometimes?

Mercury in Leo:

In Leo, Mercury produces a mind with strong will power and stubbornly fixed purposes. Your comprehension is broad, and your expression is authoritative, sometimes even dogmatic, as the position inclines to being opinionated and rigid in viewpoint. Your thinking has a very human touch, permitting you to make decisions that are accepted and followed by most people. You are inclined to leadership because you have such a capacity to command respect. You like to be considered as the authority on matters pertaining to your field of endeavor, and you probably are. This sense of authority is aided by the dramatic and forceful way that you express yourself orally and in writings. Your mental charisma and leadership style sometimes makes you a little proud and boastful. Sometimes you can get a little carried away with the importance of your ideas and expressions. Mental pride and arrogance can be a problem. Usually with Mercury in Leo there is the tendency to become a bit lazy in a mental sense. There is often a need to cultivate more attention and exercise for your mind. Your strength is dealing with subjects in a broad-brush way, and in very general terms. You can ignore important details that leave your plan somewhat short at times. When this does happen, it is hard for you to admit a mistake.

Venus in Signs

The planet Venus has an influence centered on the expression of emotions in personal relationships. It is especially associated with love, marriage, and the ability to attract others. Its placement in the chart shows how you express yourself in romantic relationships and marriage. In mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, and in astrology that link is the same. The planet placement suggests you sense on estheticism and how you perceive art and beauty. In the various signs, the nature of how you deal with people is modified and clarified by Venus. Venus is often in the same sign as the Sun since it can never be more than 45 degrees from the Sun. When it is in the same sign, there is a consistence in behavior that extends to dealing with people and in romantic situations. When Venus is in a different sign, the character of the Sun is often overcome by the romantic tug of Venus.

Venus in Leo:

If Venus is in Leo in your chart it suggests a behavior that is theatrical, with a good deal of personal and social pride. Venus in Leo is warm-hearted and fun-loving, a natural showman with a need for self-expression. There is an innate need to be in the spotlight and center of attention. You have much physical and emotional magnetism that attracts romantic interest easily. You thrive on these attractions and what they mean to your ego. Romance helps you maintain you high opinion of yourself. You are happiest when you are in love and when bestowing your gift of romance on a lucky admirer. Glamour, excitement and charm mark your courtship endeavors. You are lavish with your attentions, presents, and with yourself. The Venus Leo in love is sincere and whole-hearted. You are one of the most romantic and ardent of lovers. This is an outgoing and affectionate position for Venus, as you truly love life and romantic drama. You can be very loyal to those whom you think worthy of your affections, but you expect strong affections in return. Despite all the fun and show, you are an extremely stable and loyal partner. You are basically a one-love person because your pride is so wrapped up in your relationships. If there is a break in a serious relationship, it will most likely be a very hard and bitter one. While you are innately faithful in love, you are not one to discourage or ignore other admirers. You love to be noticed and admired. You enjoy attraction romantic interest, though you have no interest or desire to follow through on these idle flirtations.

Mars in Signs

The sign in which Mars resides in the birth chart shows the expression of energies. Mars suggests the projection of self. This planet is linked to the sex drive, so its placement shows the approach to matters of pursuing the opposite gender. The key element of Mars is assertiveness, and its placement in the different signs qualifies and quantifies this trait. Because of this, Mars has much to do with the projection of personality. The Mars position suggests whether your energies are going to be largely physical (fire sighs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), material (earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), mental (air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or emotional (water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Mars in Virgo:

In Virgo, Mars focuses its energies into the job. Individuals possessing this placement are usually considered very conscientious workers. Much of your energies goes into planning before you charge ahead on any project. When you do act, it's usually based on practical reason, with every detail carefully thought out. You are highly critical and very exacting in all that you do. In many respects, the perfectionist and the organizer. Painstaking and dedicated in your work, you may lack imagination and innovation, but never attention to detail. In the work place, you can be a difficult person because you are so particular about everything being bone correctly. Yet you are the one that can be depended on to get the job done right. This placement often holds force and aggressiveness in check, only releasing it as irritability and nervous habits. You have to be careful not to become the classic workaholic. Mars, the indicator of passions, is not very passionate in Virgo. Your sex drive may be strong, but your willingness to express it may be weak. You may be a bit puritanical. You also may be afraid of letting your passions loose, and even be critical of those that do. Virgo is associated with the health fields. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and social workers often have Mars placed here. There is much associated with this placement that involves helping people. You may be especially concerned with helping the sick and handicapped. You need to feel needed, and you can be very tireless in such a role.

Jupiter in Signs

Jupiter takes about twelve years to move through the twelve signs of the zodiac. It is the largest planet in our solar system, and in mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods. The dominate theme and its size may account for the theory of expansion associated with the planet. The nature of Jupiter in a horoscope relates to the expansion of horizons or growth in higher understanding. Since Jupiter stays in the same sign for about one year, many people born while Jupiter is in a given sign will have similar views on ideas and beliefs of that period. Often this placement gives clues as to your views of the weightier issues of life such as religion, philosophy, and social issues of the day. Jupiter also rules optimism in living, prosperity, and growth, both mentally and physically.

Jupiter in Cancer:

Jupiter is in Cancer in your chart. This placement of Jupiter suggests that you have a thorough understanding of the important moral principles in life. This understanding was instilled in you at an early age by your parents. As you mature, these traits of generosity and kindness become a part of your basic expression. There is a nurturing aspect associated with this position and you are the type who is always looking out for the little guy. Security for yourself and your family is a paramount issue. You are likely to accumulate wealth because you are very careful about how you spend your money. You have an emotional attachment to food which can cause weight problems.

Saturn in Signs

Saturn is associated with restrictions and obstacles. These frustrating or inhibiting aspects of life are expressed through the sign of Saturn occupies in your chart. Since the planet remains in each sign for two and a half years, these are traits you may share with most of your contemporaries. The traits described become more pronounced when Capricorn is on the Ascendant or when Saturn is in the first house of the professional life, honor, fame, and success in the eyes of the world at large. Thus, the placement of Saturn denotes the approach to climbing the ladder of success, of the difficulties encountered on that ladder.

Saturn in Leo:

Saturn in Leo gives you a serious personal need to achieve recognition. You don't what to p lay second fiddle to anyone. You want to be the boss. Yet it is so hard for you to express the creative talent that you know you have inside you. You may have unreasonably high expectations for yourself and for those around you. As a parent, you want to be the disciplinarian. Your children may seem a burden to you, and indeed they may be. Because you are rather stern in your dealing, you can have some difficulties in your personal relationships with your children, as well as your mate. Try not to be too hard on those you lead or those you live with. This placement often shows a limited sense of humor, and a demeanor that is very reserved and cautious. Leo is the sign of ultimate self-esteem, and Saturn is the planet that tears down this quality. Don't let your self-image suffer needlessly.

Planets in Houses

The planets exert a great deal of energy in the house in which they are physically located in the birth chart. This energy is directed toward the function of the house. The planets modify the tone of affairs told by the sign on the cusp of the house. Thus, having several planets in one house can make the entanglements of that house very complex and often more significant in life.

The Sun in Houses

The house placement of the Sun shows the area of life where the vital energies generated by the Sun are likely to focus. The Sun associated with any house illuminates the meaning of that house. It does so in the manner discussed in the reading of the Sun sign. Through the life, this energy of the Sun is evident. The subject matter of the house may prove to be the focus of your drive.

Sun in Twelfth House

This placement denotes a private drive for self-perfection. You are one who will seldom receive full recognition for your efforts and accomplishments, but you easily accept roles of relative obscurity. You are somewhat introverted and love the peace and solitude such a situation often affords. If you were left to your own devices and permitted to, you could live a contemplative life. If you display leadership, it will likely be a "behind the scenes" role. Service to others provides you with recognition and fulfillment. Psychology and psychic research may be of considerable interest for you. While there may be indications in other parts of you chart that you need people, you are likely to feel somewhat estranged from others even when in the middle of a group. You need to spend a good deal of time by yourself. You should not be too concerned by feelings of not-belonging, and by failures to mix well with others. Your role may be that of investigation and obtaining understanding, rather that socializing and the attainment of status.

Moon in Houses

The house in which the Moon is places at birth is the sector that feelings and emotions will be the most apparent. It's here you react unconsciously, and as you have been conditioned in your upbringing. Often this placement will give some clue about the activity that accrues on the domestic scene.

Moon in Twelfth House

The moon in the twelfth house projects its influence in this sector of the chart. This placement gives a love of introspection and a need for periodic retirement from the confusion and business of the world in general. This placement is going to cause you to feel emotionally isolated from others since it is difficult for you to find emotional stability in other people. You are extremely impressionable and respond to subtle influences of those around you. With such a strong sense of charity, a release is needed to in some way be able to help others. There is opportunity for success in work within large institutions such as hospitals, the government, or large corporations, and usually for the public welfare. While you are subject to emotional chaos, you have serious difficulty expressing your emotions. The twelfth house Moon denoted a need for security that is often fulfilled through withdrawal.

Mercury in Houses

Mercury's spot in the chart provides information about the practical side of your mind, and the way you communicate with those around you. It targets the topics of greatest mental activity and interest.

Mercury in First House

This placement suggests you have an inquiring, intellectual outlook on life, and you reflect this strongly in your personality. You enjoy making connections, and trying to learn a little about many different subjects. You adapt quickly to changing situations, and the personality is very witty and quick. You are mentally restless, always seeking new and useful information. Your speech and writings are expressive of your distinctively personal opinions.

Venus in Houses

Venus' house placement shows how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically, in the different areas of the life circle. Venus brings a sense of harmony, refinement, and aesthetic taste to the house it occupies.

Venus in Second House

Venus here suggests that this planet is closely associated with your security and your material ideas. You have a love of wealth and the personal adornments it affords, and you probably have much good fortune when it comes to abstaining many of the better things in life. You are very much interested in making a lot of money, if only for the social status it provides. The placement denotes talent in business and a definite ability to make money. The Venus association with artistic endeavors suggests that if you are artistically inclined, you may stand a good chance of making money from your art. Sometimes it also suggests an extravagance that may be offset by the material advantages that you obtain.

Mars in Houses

The house that Mars resides in represents an area of the life that you'll express actions and desires. Your energies and initiative will be spent focusing on the affairs of this sector of the chart. Mars is assertive, sometimes causing conflict. This house may periodically become a problem area for you in this regard.

Mars in Third House

The Mars third house placement denotes an aggressive, active intellect. You are quick thinking and resourceful, but you sometimes jump to conclusions a little too quickly. Your speech is direct and sharp. You are apt to get into arguments with family members, and when you do, you are not the least bit shy about pointing out their personal deficiencies. You are always rushed. You drive too fast, and you're a little too impatient when caught in traffic. In matters of the mind, you are highly competitive.

Jupiter in Houses

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance. The house placement of Jupiter shows the area in which you are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for you in the house that Jupiter occupies. Nevertheless, there can sometimes be too much of a good thing in this house.

Jupiter in First House

Jupier in the first house shows that this planet plays an imprtant part shaping your personality. This can be both good and bad, depending on how it's handled. A first house Jupiter is broad-minded and optimistic. You focus on ther brighter side of life. Youare honest, trustworthy, and benevolent, and for these, you re well liked and popular. On the negitive side, Jupiter here can make one too self-indulgent, extravagant, or conceited. Being the planet of expansion, you may have to deal with a weight problem. Anyway, this position increases you self-confidence and gives you a somewhat dignified manner, especially as you grow older. You are likely to have strong religious or moral convictions. This gives you the capacity to become an authority or a leader in whatever field of endeavor you select. This ma be especially so in activities relating to religion, education, or social development.

Saturn in Houses

Saturn's place in the chart highlights the area in which you are likely to shoulder heavy responsibilities and encounter obstacles. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and limitations, and its position marks the spot where difficult challenges will be met. This is the house in which your management abilities will be tested.

Saturn in Second House

Saturn positioned in the second house of financial and material affairs denotes a good deal of ambition and hard work associated with accumulating material security. You are shrewd in business and always get your money's worth. The urge to conserve is accented, and you are very practical about saving for that rainy day. Some with this placement are down right miserly. Although financial security is a difficult goal to achieve, and it is likely to meet with many delays and obstacles.

Uranus in Houses

Uranus shows that area of the life in which strong urges for individuality and freedom of expression are shown. In this house you should expect sudden and unexpected changes to occur during your life. Uranus brings radical behavior caused by your actions, the action of others, or by circumstances over which you have no control.

Uranus in Fifth House

Uranus in the fifth house exerts its erratic behavior in house of love affairs, personal creativity, offspring, and dealings with children. The placement shows you are a highly inventive and creative person. Yet you may need to learn self-control, and perhaps gain a better sense of self-knowledge. You can be reckless and foolhardy. Urges toward speculation can be costly. You have strong urges to be free and independent. Your offspring possess many of these characteristics. They can cause you much trouble unless you channel their energies in the right direction at an early age. Romantic involvement occurs in sudden and unconventional ways, and breaks are also sudden and unexpected.

Neptune in Houses

Neptune's spot in the horoscope may show that area of the life where sacrifices are likely to be necessary. Neptune has to do with the psychic. Its influences are vague, mystical and dreamlike in nature. The house that Neptune occupies show where the higher spiritual forces may make their presence felt, and where you are unrealistic sometimes.

Neptune in Fifth House

Neptune, in the fifth house, imposes an influence on romances, the ability to be creative, and upon offspring. This placement shows an intuitive gift for role playing. Perhaps you have a talent for acting, or at least a strong love of theater, the movies, or about any kind of fantasy make-believe or image making. In romantic relationships you are the true romantic, and experiences can be somewhat chaotic and confusing. Offspring are likely to be intuitive and highly sensitive, often requiring special handling and understanding. There is little pay back of appreciation received for your efforts and understanding in this regard.

Pluto in Houses

Pluto's place in the chart marks the house in which revolutionary changes often occur. This planet represents reforming and regeneration. Pluto is a powerful planet, and its presence in a house suggests a powerful struggle may also be found in this house.

Pluto in Fourth House

Pluto in the fourth house results in a degree of tension in the home environment, and a dominating attitude with family members. Power struggles can develop in this environment. There is a strong and deep-seated attachment to the home or the land. This can sometimes extend to a serious interest in the earth sciences or professions.

Ascendant and Cusps

The First House (Ascendant)

Your personality -- This first house is the house of the self as it deals with the physical person. The Rising sign/Ascendant is a filter lens through which the Sun, Moon, and the planets come in to play. They Ascendant distinguishes the different variables in disposition, temperament and even physical appearances in persons born on the same day, but at different times. Your Ascendant demotes the way you look at life. Often, it's the impression of "you" perceived by those around you.


The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and therefore is called the ruler of your horoscope. When the Moon is so predominate in a chart, it provides a personality that is sensitive and a little on the timid side. You like to feel out a situation before projecting yourself into it. The Moon is the indicator of emotions, the feelings, and the sensitivities. It is also closely related to the mothering instinct. You are very protective of those who are close to you, as you are protective of yourself. If you don't have a family around you to mother, you'll probably exhibit these characteristics with your friends. Being extremely receptive, you may be somewhat psychic or at least extremely sensitive to your environment. Your moods are very strong and changeable, much like the tides. You are ruled by your strong emotions and intuition. You can change moods in a significant way, two or three times in any day. You respond to life through feelings and emotions, instead of from thinking. You can become easily upset, but never stay that way for any length of time. When you are in control of your emotions, you can be the most understanding person one could hope to find. You are compassionate and receptive, in touch with those around you. When you are not in control, you can be miserable; the victim of your moods and sensitivities. The symbol of Cancer is the crab. Like the crab, a Cancer Ascendant often chooses an indirect approach to meeting objectives. There is a tendency to retreat when directly confronted, but with a tenacity of purpose that is unsurpassed. The Crab is always vulnerable, but seeks shelter in a rock-hard shell. Like the crab, you can protect yourself with a shell-like personality that can make you nearly unapproachable when you feel threatened. You identify strongly with your family, and a solid "home base" is essential to your well-being. There is a very strong connection with background and tradition, leaning toward a sense of heritage and warm, homey trappings. You can become very attached to sentimental about people, places, and belongings. You are particularly affected by memorabilia that reminds you of good times and special people. You pick up the feelings of those around you. This makes you especially sensitive to slights, or just about any other type of negative energy. It's important for you to avoid people with problems because you are so receptive that you pick up their problems as your own.

The Second House

Material Values and Security -- The second house relates to personal possessions and general prosperity. It deals with your sense of values and how you view your security. Factors associated with the second house may show how you acquire and how you spend your material resources. The house may relate how important these assets are in your life.


This is the sign of the zodiac that is ruled by the Sun. The Sun denotes your self-esteem, so your financial conditions may have a close association with your self-esteem. Your earning capacity may have a lot to do with your sense of self-worth. The Leo drive for self-expression strives to accumulate material security. You tend to make finances you major objective to insure your security. You are smart in financial affairs because of knowing what the public wants, and you know how to profit from the knowledge. Doing well financially is especially important to you for the benefits it provides your offspring, and because you have this natural concern for you long term security.

The Third House

Learning and communication -- The third house of the chart concerns your thought processes and how you relate to others in your formative years; your early environment and relationships. It deals with subjects such as writing, news, communication and speech; learning to deal with the world. Accordingly, it is associated with early education and basic learning.


Virgo on the cusp of the third house suggests emphasis on writing and communication. It highlights the need to talk, discuss, read and learn. This sign suggests an inferiority complex centered around communication skills, especially in the early years. Virgo produces a nervous mind, and a tendency to brood over the past. Also, there can be apprehension about the future. So you worry a lot. You can be sentimentally attached to people, and still you'll be critical of their ideas and try to improve their way of thinking. You can be overly critical of brothers, sisters or neighbors. You can be fussy about inessentials that matter little. As you grow, you are precise in speech, writing, and forming ideas that usually go into minute detail. Your plans are practical and workable.

The Fourth House

Home Life or the Base of Operation -- The forth house of the chart is your base of operation; in a material sense, your home, in a more spiritual sense, your soul. Psychological roots, including family or racial traditions, are among the affairs of this house. It is associated with the real estate and property, or your home and your security.


Libra influencing this house suggests that you are very much in need of roots. You want to own your home and possessions, free and clear, and you need this for your emotional security. You appear very peaceful and quite, but until you are well anchored in life, you will experience much inner restlessness and vacillation. Your home is the balancing point in your life. You need to have your abode attractively decorated, and filled with congenial people.

The Fifth House

Recreation, Romance and Creativity -- The fifth house is the field of self-expression. This area shows effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others. It deals with your romantic affairs, procreation, your offspring, and with artistic endeavors, hobbies, books written, etc. It deals with your aptitude toward speculation; how naturally lucky (or unlucky) you are.


The influence of Scorpio on the cusp of the fifth house yields a natural need for emotional attachments and romantic encounter. This need may bring you into contact with a variety of dynamic and charismatic people. The nature of Pluto, the ruler of this sector of your chart, can produce some major upsets resulting from these attachments. You are not very good at picking people who are good for you, often getting hung up on a need to transform the other person. In romantic affairs you become intensely emotional, jealous, and possessive. Clandestine or somehow unusual love affairs are not uncommon because of the secretive Scorpio influence. You are concerned for you children, almost to an extreme degree. As they mature, it's hard for you to release them.

The Sixth House

The Work Environment, Duties, and Health -- The sixth house is the field of service. Subjects here revolve around work and health matters. Duties, practical responsibilities, and mundane tasks are affairs of this house, as are relations with employees and coworkers. Your interest in health and fitness matters are likely to be shown here.


The influence of Sagittarius on the sixth house brings a tone of optimism and help to the workplace. You have a natural buoyancy regarding your job and your work environment. Your work is inspirational to you, and you need to believe in what you are doing. If you get bored you may eat or drink too much. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, indicates a tendency to overwork and to over-extend yourself in your work. Yet you do need to be challenged, kept on your toes, to be fulfilled in your work. You may not have enough energy, and because of this you need to obtain a healthy measure of sleep to maintain your vitality. You are well adjusted in your work, and your health may be good, simply because you are such a positive thinker in this aspect of your life. Jupiter is sometimes the planet of overdoing, and in the sixth house this can suggest a tendency to eat or drink too much, or to have an extravagant taste in food and drink. This can lead to health problems in the area of digestion. Finally, Jupiter also shows a need to get close to nature and you probably should find some time to walk in the woods and keep in touch with the great outdoors.

The Seventh House

Relationships, Partners, and Marriage -- The seventh house is the field of relationships. This house, opposite the first (matters of the self), relates to the other people with whom you enter close association. It is your social consciousness and cooperation, or the lack of it. Contracts, including the marriage, and other relationships, adversary encounters and law suits, are housed here. Partnerships in business and in life are seventh house matters.


Capricorn influence on the seventh house denotes a certain shyness and reserve, and a definite caution and restraint in forming partnerships. Marriage may be for status and security as much as for love. You are not one to be quick or impulsive in such matters. There is a tendency for you to feel restricted by the duties of wedlock or of any partnership. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions and responsibility. Capricorn relates to restrictions and you are likely to be required to carry more than your share of the responsibilities. You attract partners that want or need your nurturing support. The Saturn type as a mate is the parent figure, who is there to give a solid base, be supportive and responsible. Yours is likely to be a relationship that is nurturing to both you and your partner. You are mutually supportive to each other, and to others with whom you come in contact.

Eighth House

Meeting Needs, Life's Secrets, and Joint Resources -- The eight house is the field of joint resources. This house deals with possessions that are not earned by you, but obtained through relationships or inheritance. It also involves funds belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. It addresses matters of generation, regeneration, research and investment. The eight house relates to interests in the mysteries of life.


The Aquarius influence on the eight house denotes one who is independent and original in ideas regarding life's mysteries and universal laws. You have a surprisingly strong interest in the spiritual side of life. You are likely to have very unorthodox views on sex, birth control, and abortion, normally being surprisingly liberal in this regard. You understand human needs as well, and have a modern and enlightened ability to express yourself in this regard.

Ninth House

Travel, Higher Learning, and Philosophy of Life -- The ninth house is the field of long range goals, planning and long distance travel. Matters of profound mental interest, including religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house affairs. Also associated with the ninth are journeys to far off places and searches for new horizons, both physically and mentally.


The Pisces influences on actions in ninth house often denotes an association with religion and suggests this will play a major role in your life. Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is the altruistic planet. This planet placed here produces a philosophical attitude that's idealistic and visionary. Inspired insights help you solve many of life's major problems. You are unusually curious about the reasons for your existence on earth. You may never travel vast distances physically, but you do experience those adventures of the mind and the imagination.

The Tenth House

The Career, Prestige, and Reputation -- The tenth house is the sector of worldly attainment. This field denotes how you present yourself to the public at large and those deeds for which you'll be remembered. The tenth concerns the profession, offices held, and reputation. The house also relates to affairs of state or of other large scale operations.


The Aries influence on the cusp of the tenth house causes an innate tendency toward shyness to disappear when you get on the public stage or even in public view. You are determined to make a name for yourself in whatever career you select. At a young age, you may jump into the wrong profession. This would be a reaction to some impulsive urge. Once you are finally established in the right place, you work hard at you profession because you feel you should be the best at what you do. Mars, as the ruler of Aries, is the ruling planet of the tenth house matters. Mars is assertive, the planet of action, determination, drive and ambition. Your natural energy is directed to the career, and in this area of your life you are not afraid to complete and charge out ahead of the pack.

The Eleventh House

Friendships, Associations, Ideals and Causes -- The eleventh house is associated with the achievement of goals and objectives. Often it is called the house of hopes and wishes. Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises, clubs, groups, associations, and the sharing of ideals is emphasized here. People that help you, friends, connections and influence matters relate to this house.


The Taurus influences on the eleventh house cusp suggest that objectives or goals in life are associated with the basic material issues of everyday living. Making money, accumulating a comfortable standard of living, and establishing a secure situation. Your interest is not just money and possessions for the sake of wealth. Instead you want to gain a sense of security, and status to overcome a basic insecurity. You are attracted to artistic, stable and well-to-do friends, who may be called on to help you attain your goals. Your basic sentimental nature is very apparent in selecting friends. Friendships are very close and warm. Time spent with them is rewarding as you enjoy visits to art galleries, museums, theaters, or a variety of other pleasurable pursuits.

The Twelfth House

The Subconscious, Emotional Issues, and Secrets -- The twelfth house is the field of the subconscious mind, of problems stemming from unseen causes, and limitations. This area relates to behind the scene maneuvering, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, and problem areas to overcome. This is the house that gets away from the mainstream of life, and allows the soul to step back and take a look at the world. On the mundane level, the twelfth is the house that takes individuals away from everyday life. It involves prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove one from society.


With Gemini ruling the twelfth house, you do your best thinking when you are alone. You can think of many clever ideas when alone with your thoughts. Yet it is so difficult to get them to come out when you are around people. The Gemini association with early family affairs suggests that some difficulties stem from relations with your family. Although you need roots and security, you will find it very difficult to live with or near you brothers, sisters or other close relatives. You may like to discuss you emotional problems while keeping your ideas and plans secret. You operate on instinctive urges and the subconscious mind, rather than from reason. You are impressionable, with the practical mind buried beneath subjective impulses.


The following are non-standard astrological pieces. Their value is disputed among astrologists. This section is simply to help understand the ASTRODIENSTonline Free Chart. It should be taken lightly. (that's a joke)

Chiron, the comet, lies within Taurus.

Lunar nodes point southerly.

Modes of Activity (the quadruplicates)

Cardinal = 5
Fixed = 5
Mutable = 2

The combination of most planets in cardinal and fixed signs suggests that you are a person who is inclined toward constant activity, while holding rigidly to your views and convictions. Your efforts are directed at the here and now, and you are usually able to achieve whatever it is you undertake, purely from the strength of you determination. You are ambitious rather than adaptable, strong-willed and resistant to external influences, and yet always ready for the next challenge. You set values and ideals high, and attainment is a constant goal. The Cardinal influences may make you charge off in many different directions and the fixed signs will want to finish everything that you start. So, you are the type of person that is apt to overload and over-extend yourself.

The Four Elements

Fire = 4
Earth = 2
Air = 2
Water = 4

The heavy emphasis on Fire and Water elements in your chart would indicate a general tendency to express everything emotionally, excitedly, and rather impulsively. There is often a lack of logical, systematic thought and procedure, with a resulting restlessness and subjective bias. This combination has intensity, emotional extremes, and surprising sensitivity to what others think of them. You are a "whole-hogger," having a marked lack of self-restraint. You may experience big swings in moods. You function in a high-pressure state, and do best when being challenged.

The Hemisphere Influences

Above Horizon = 4
Below Horizon = 8
East Half = 8
West Half = 4
Cluster in Southeast

Southern Hemisphere Influence -- The planets clustered in the southern hemisphere suggest that you are ambitious, career oriented, and generally want fame and recognition. You have an objective view of life that lets you enjoys working with others. You are very active in the outside world, having broad material values and goals. There is much that is visible when the planets are in the south; little that you say or do escapes public view.

Eastern Hemisphere Influence -- The planets clustered in the eastern hemisphere suggest that you're likely to be more independent, strong-willed, and more individualistic that reading of your signs may otherwise suggest. The placement on the east side denotes leadership ability, a self-starter, one who is self-motivated and often self-employed; a risk-taker. In short, you're more apt to be the author of your own destiny, and one likely to have many choices in life.

The Southeast -- Planets focused in the southeastern quarter of the chart shows a highly self-contained individual very much in control of your destiny. This is a very outward focused grouping showing one who is totally willing to consider others in life situations. There is a tendency to seek self-fulfillment through sharing with others and success is measured not so much by your standards, but by what opinion others hold of you.

Transits/Transiting Planets and Retrograde Planets are not included.


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