Thanksgiving was awsome as usual. I had five pieces of pie and they were all great! I always enjoy seeing the family. And now that some of them have moved away it hard to get us all together. I got to see all of my friends from home too. I had a really good time it was really cool. The only bad thing is that I didn't get any reading done, now I have a ton to get to. It's going to suck. I also got to see Titanic. And what did I think of it? Drumroll please . . . It was nothing more than adverage! I don't see what all the hype was about. I've sceen better effects movies before, I've sceen better love movies before, Titanic was just nothing special. Two and a half stars at best. Out of over three hours there were about 45 minutes that were good. The whole first tape was horrible! When I was chaning it I was seriously temped to leave it off and watch The Blues Brothers instead. The acting, oh the acting! It was really bad. That woman's voice reminded me of Judy Garlin (sorry if that is spelled wrong). Everything was so over-dramatic that it made me want to puke. None of the characters were believable, they were all terribly done. It's really not that shocking that in the 45 minutes that I did like no one was really saying anything. I just don't get was all the fuss is about Titanic, maybe someone can explain it to me. But what really made me angry about the movie was how they slandered Captain Smith and the Tinanic's crew. From all eye whitness reports Captain Smith was calm, collected, and in charge; hardly the overwhelmed old fool they depicted. And that guy that shoots himself . . . That never happened! The director even gave 5000 pounds to his estate because of his slander. I love history, I'm a history major, and I hate to see it manipulated to fix some directors vision. This goes for Titanic and all other movies based on Hisorical material. Titanic was a yawner. I'm glad I saw it just to see it, but it sucked; I'll never watch it again. Well, I'm glad I got that rant off. Now I'm leaving, I've got reading to do.

Well, everything isn't bad news. Though I didn't get that scholarship from the SAS, I did get one from the Study Abroad office. It's only 750 dollars, but anything is good. I got an A- on my Statistics exams the other day. Thats always good, now I have a chance to get an A for the year in the class. I'll have to do the extra credit, and get an A on the final to even be close since my homework grade will probably be a B. I hate that class, the professor sucks. I just want it to be over. Ultimate was OK this weekend. We got kicked out on Friday by the football team so we didn't get to play. (Stupid football team, their season is over anyway.) On Saturday some players from IUP came up. They were talking about their budget and felt cheated that they only got 1,500 dollars. Well we got 150 so don't complain. I don't see how they get so much money and we just get jacked. But either way they were cool. There were a lot of club players up there too. The place was really filled, but it was OK. I would have liked to have played a bit more but what are you going to do. I've got a lot of reading to do before I go home for Thanksgiving, so I'm out.

Once again I failed to get another scholarship. I just don't understand it. How good do I have to be? What more do I have to do? I try to be the best that I can and still I'm rejected. This was really important too. Now what am I going to do? This scholarship was so much. I couldn't believe it when I opened the envelope. What more can I do? How good do I have to do before someone notices it? I suck. I can't believe it. I just don't understand. It's always the same. Nothing ever changes.

ShaftLand is about finished. I put in the poetry, which makes all major sections updated. Except for journal entries and the possible additional picture or link, ShaftLand is done. So don't look for any major changes. This weekend was pretty cool. Ultimate Frisbee moved indoors. It's a full sized football field indoors. It was great except for the astroturf. On Friday it was open just for Pitt students, but Saturday was for anyone who wanted to play. Friday was Ok, for a while in the middle it was lame. It became a huck contest between these two guys. That sucked. But after a while the hucking stopped and everyone was able to get into the game. I didn't think I was going Saturday, but I was talked into it. The Ultimate Club teams were going to be there, and I've heard they dominate, no one else gets a chance. I was happy to find out this wasn't the case (at least for this Saturday). I actually cought more passes Saturday than Friday. I was dumb though. The astroturf is like playing on a Brillo pad. But I made the mistake of diving for the disk. I made a great catch but I skinned the side of my leg. So I go up the next day and what do I do again...dive. This time I took a big patch of skin off my arm, and I didn't even make the catch. That was the worst part. So every time I it hurts I get reminded of the dumb move on my part.

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