The Story of Two Brothers

Scene: New York 1873, brothers Giuseppe and Antonio sit dejected in their dilapidated, one bedroom apartment after their latest failed business attempt.

“Giuseppe, we are failures. Nothing we-a do seems to turn out right.”

“It is true. We come to America, leave poor mama”

“Mama mia!” sobs Giuseppe, interrupting his brother.

“And now look at us,” shaking his head. “And your stupid business adventures! Why do I ever listen to you!” Antonio raises his hand as if to slap him.

“Fratello!” cries Giuseppe, cowering at his older brother’s hand.

“Don’t “brother” me! Now what are we to do with these cheap, no leak bags?!?” Shouted Antonio. “Who would want to buy olive oil in a bag anyway! Merda! And in 5 liter ones at that!”

“I though it would-a be cheap and convenient.” Giuseppe whispers quietly. “But brother,” his eyes jumping up, “what if cousin Santino could send us a shipment of wine from the old country.”

“What then?!?” his brother said with a scowl.

“We could put it in bags and sell it to poor kids looking to get wasted!” Giuseppe was nearly bubbling over with excitement.

With an eye towards the future, Antonio scratches his chin. “Brother you might just have something this time.”

The brothers do indeed realize Giuseppe’s dream of providing cheap ass bastards with affordable wine-in-a-bag. In the years to come the brothers dominate the boxed wine industry making them rich beyond their wildest dreams and making Franzia a household name.